Trans Women’s Resources

This page is where trans women can find resources specifically for them in the Vermont area. Right now, we have a listing of electrologists and laser hair removal providers who we know are trans friendly. Soon, we hope to also have a guide to DIY electrolysis and a no-nonsense page about different hair removal options and their legitimacy/effectiveness.

Here are the links to our trans women resources, in case you can’t use the dropdown menu:
Electrologists and Laser Hair Removal Providers
[or type in v, t, veto (dot) word press (dot) com (slash) resources (slash) trans (hyphen) womens (hyphen) resources]

Also, be sure to check out the new zine “Fucking Trans Woman #0” by Mira Bellwether available as a printable pdf file now, for only 5 dollars. We at VETO are not affiliated with this project, but we think it is totally awesome and that you should check it out, straight from the author at their website: www (dot) fucking trans women (dot) com (

Other links to trans women’s resources managed by Andrea James:
ts roadmap:: www (dot) t, s, roadmap (dot) com
A website all about transitioning for trans women.

hair facts::: www (dot) hair facts (dot) com
A website dedicated to hair removal.

We hope to continually expand this page, so if you have any ideas of helpful resources that are trans women specific, send us an email!

Please know that since this page is tailored to trans women’s needs we have made sure that the content is written by trans women.