VETO is currently mostly inactive and is working toward a strategic relaunch. More updates to come soon, and apologies is you’ve reached out and haven’t heard back. In the meantime, please utilize any of our resources and our website!

Check out the News page for updates and blog posts!

If you want to sign up for an email list, we host three! Email us at veto.burlington@gmail.com to sign up for any or all of the following!

1. Trans and Advocate Community Discussion. This list is for informal and formal planning, conversation, actions, casual chatting, and any other community discussions that trans people and our advocates and friends and families would like to have.

2. Providers and Networking. This list is for care providers who work with trans and gender variant clients to network, be in touch, build relationships and discuss best practices. This list is not only for healthcare providers, but is intended for healthcare providers, mental healthcare providers, wellness care and counseling providers, and providers of any other care-related services

3. Announcements/News. VETO will send out big news and announcements over this listserv as they come out. Eventually, we hope to have some sort of regular newsletter but we do not currently have the capacity. Announcements do go out on this list, though, as they come up! (And if you have something you’d like us to announce on this list, email us!)

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VETO is a non-hierarchical community organization committed to ending oppression, discrimination and harassment against transgender and gender variant people. We hope, one day, to be able to have contributed to the creation of a world without cissexism and transphobia. We are not a non-profit organization, and have no state recognition or support, but rather, we are committed to DIY community organizing and organic movements for social justice.

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